Take My Money If I Cannot Control Eating Out Habit

HI Everyone!

I am looking to curb my eating out habit and I am willing to put some money on the line.Essentially, I use a service called Tiller that pulls my transactions from my credit cards and then I can categorize them.

link to expenses

The Bet:

Starting June 2017, If anyone catches that my eating out expenses is over $45 a month then I will personally send you $90 via Paypal. This is a 1st come 1st serve bet.

-I can turn off the bet as long as I give a 4 week notice (e.g. vacation)
-I must update my Tiller goal/categorize my expenses 4-7 days a week (I have a beeminder goal already for this)


You know you can use beeminder for this?


Ha, I do know. I tried to do so for a time but I began to weasel. Having a bit of social pressure may help me out. I beemind everything else though :slight_smile:


I had a Beeminder goal to eat more meals at home. That worked pretty well for me, and really cut down on the number of breakfasts and lunches I would eat out. (We already have a dinner-at-home habit.)

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I tried a similar goal at some point. The issue is that it was self-reported so I started to weasel and my eating out habit is pretty variable.

Just to clarify. Your eating out history shows about $45 per week, and you’re offering 2x that ($90) as a penalty if you breach $45 per month. Ambitious. Foolhardy?

Your intention is admirable. For myself, I always wonder whether it’s better to focus on the spending or on the earning. Feels much easier to earn an extra $50 per week than to save it.

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Completely reasonable concern. I could earn a bit more money to offset the cost but there is a huge health component to it for me.


Interesting. And sensible. One way of combatting the health component could be to increase your spending on eating out. (He says, making loads of unwarranted assumptions.)