Take the Beeminder founders' money

So how precisely would the derailment show? I’m asking because the clock ran out, and then queued, then I posted. Genuinely curious so I can avoid this in future (:

Hmm, good question. Could it be that your computer’s clock is 2 minutes fast? Does the time at http://time.gov match your system clock?

If your system clock is accurate then my next guess is that you saw the countdown run out but only after you clicked submit on your message here (at 5:58). That’s a known minor bug that the countdown doesn’t automatically update when new data comes in (unless you enter it in that browser). So that’s why a refresh is needed to confirm the derailment.

PS: Wait, if you’re really sure you hit submit on your post after seeing the countdown run out then either your system clock was off or something super weird is going on that we need to figure out. Thanks for the debugging help!

P sure. Time.gov matches my system, adjusting for time zones, but mins and secs are in sync. And I definitely waited until the clock ran out entirely (“Derailed” showed up in the top bar). I wanted to be sure.

You might have a bug! Ah shucks, I was hoping I’d caught you guys out :cop:

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Oh, it finally occurred to me that the datapoint is submitted to Beeminder by our wordpress plugin and there might well be lag there. So I bet the timer ran out and then the datapoint appeared before the derailment was processed. Fortunately, per longstanding rules, that’s allowed as long as we hit publish in time, which I’m certain we did. Phew! And thanks for the debugging help! Not to mention the vigilance!

Confirmed for $30! Though I think @chelsea is supposed to wait an hour to give non-insiders a chance to claim these. (On the other hand, Chelsea’s taking the brunt of the damage, albeit not monetarily, when @bee derails this.) Another question, for @bee: is it intentional that you have this capped at $30? Is this like a Bee Nice To Yourself thing where you like the option of paying a reasonable fee occasionally to not zero support?

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I moved 3 posts to a new topic: The Beeminder Waterfall

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: The Beeminder Waterfall

Remrev has derailed again - $30


affirmative [sent from watch]

EDIT: This was officially paid. And, yes, I can reply to forum posts from my watch, bitches. (It’s a Pebble, if you’re curious.)

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d/goals/meta derailed! didI catch it in time?

Alas, I just had a TagTime malfunction. ): Reconstructing the data now. /: I have plenty of safety buffer from maniacking (as you should know!) (:

https://www.beeminder.com/b/goals/remrev has derailed @ $90

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$90 paid to @insti!

(And I see @fryhole noticed b/meta being apparently off the road briefly, which was probably when @bee changed her deadline and TagTime got all confused.)

Thanks for watching us like hawks, everyone! We need it…

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Remrev has gone weird.
I’m guessing that’s not a legitimate derail.

I thought you’d miss the blog post, but I’m guessing it’s was queued for an auto post. Nice work.

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That was @dreev pulling an all nighter[1], so legitimate white-knuckle up to the deadline.

[1] You’d think he’d learn his lesson and beemind it so he wouldn’t have to.


Did remrev just derail?

Edit: okay, cool, looks like it was a refresh glitch

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Looks like remrev derailed early today–I was watching it count down to 15:00, but I see RECOMMITTED in the data. Data-entry shenanigans (or something about Tag Time?)

Edit: @bee’s Metabeeminding’s derailed too.

Beeminding aside, I hope everything is okay overall.


uhoh looks like https://www.beeminder.com/b/goals/meta derailed!