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mit-s3linode derail?12/01

[[negative; it was close but never derailed, says @bee]]


New MIT for Bee: Todoist integration. New goal here:


Is it just my imagination (entirely possible), or have some of the deadlines moved recently? Is that something we should be minding, given the 6 hour rule is broken?

(Though I have no idea how one would mind that, short of checking every few hours leading up to the deadline.)


Also, I’m curious about the “hard soon” terminology and the mit- at the start of the goalnames. Is it in reference to something in particular?


Good point! The 6-hour rule is so ingrained in us that it hasn’t occurred to us to exploit the newly opened loophole there. As soon as that changes we’ll certainly close it. (Please fess up if any of you find yourselves abusing it as well and that will also light a fire under our butts to fix it.)

So, short answer: we moved our deadlines this morning to try to fix our sleep schedules. I think we actually moved all the deadlines earlier but they were >6 hours away in any case.

As for hard soon, yes: Hard-Committing To Do Something “Soon”

And “MIT” stands for “Most Important Task”.

Thanks as always for keeping an eye on us!


Did derail a few days ago?

[[confirmed! $5 paid to @gretchen!]]


It did! Looks like $5 goes to Gretchen.


Looks like again.

[[confirmed! another $10 paid to @gretchen!]]


The ‘month of wasted awesomeness’, as I call it, is an excellent time to pick up the dollars that our beloved founders throw on the ground during the initial period of serial derailments that lead up to meaningful (to them) pledge levels.

This is the biggest argument that I have in favour of signing up to Beemium; you can jack up the pledge level to something that stings (just a bit) without waiting out the derailment periods.

Counterargument is to default your new goals to no mercy so that it becomes a mere fortnight of wasted awesomeness…


May I confirm that tomorrow there is potentially 800+ dollars ready if you derail on eme, metabeeming, and metabeeming (are these two the same but they are listed separately)? If that’s the case, Game on.


The goal d/sptzero derailed at 11:45 am.


You had to put in a data point at 11:44 am MST. Haha touche.


It’s often the case that things eke in just under the wire. No coincidence that Beeminder was built to ensure that missing deadlines has a sting; we akratics often leave things to the last minute, and sometimes that’s too late!

So you’re right, that amount of cash is indeed at risk, but most of the time we stay on the road. Not least because we’ve got watchful eyes like yours to keep us on track.

You can get a sense from this forum thread how often derailments happen, and what the values paid out tend to be. Just like you, we’re more likely to derail on a lower value than a higher value. (Fingers crossed that I haven’t just jinxed the UVI commitment…)

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mit-todoist derailed on the 14th

[[@gretchen beat you to this one!]]


Sptzero looks like it’s got a deadline coming up that should probably get pushed back.

#215 [Edit: Never mind! Cutting it a bit close there!]


What’s up with ? The graph is a broken link and it says “+571.40 due” which I know can’t possibly be right. It looks like it got a datapoint from 2009 somehow?


I’ve had a semi-catastrophic TagTime failure. I’m working to restore from backups right now. :frowning:

It is an eep day for my meta goals, but I haven’t derailed yet!


I’m assuming the same issue affects mit-todoist as well?