Any other folks use Tana?

I haven’t spent much time automating it or integrating it into things, but I am working on an export parser to pull out some tracking supertags. Anyone already tying it into Beeminder?


Huh, interesting. This their site? First reaction: Looks like Notion meets Obsidian. :thinking: Which could definitely be very cool. Though the marketing copy seems a bit… hyperbolic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What would make me really excited for Tana is if it combined the UX of Notion with the developer-friendly API of Airtable.

It’s explicitly an outliner first, but it’s got table/card/list views.

If I were to describe it as anything, I’d probably say “it’s a bit like if Obsidian were designed from day 1 with Dataview in mind, but it’s an outliner…”

I got invited a while ago, and took a look at it, tried it out for a few minutes, and put it away. After getting angry at Dataview yet again, I moved my active projects over to Tana, and it didn’t take long before I moved to it completely. (The API at the moment is write-only, but I’ve got a suitable export parser now.)

I was really happy with Obsidian, happier than I’ve been with anything else, with my irritation almost completely reserved for how much of a pain it was to do queries of frontmatter. Compared to Notion, slicing and dicing and seeing my data in different ways was such a pain.

Oh, yeah, I forgot! Since it’s an outliner, right, and not page-based, it isn’t just pages that can have arbitrary frontmatter–every single block can have fields.

There’s some overlaps, but my history goes roughly:

  • decade+ of plaintext
  • joplin
  • roam
  • logseq
  • notion
  • obsidian
  • tana

If something goes bogus with Tana, I’ll suspect I’ll head back to Obsidian. Maybe by then, there will be a Dataview-like that I can use both live in documents and at the command-line…


Huh, intriguing… Does it support formulas in fields? Or some other way to have computed fields?

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HI @adamwolf I’m currently using Tana, Vanilla though.

I use it to write my notes.

I haven’t tied it into Beeminder.

Do you know if there’s a way to know the word count typed?

So far, there isn’t a good way to get total wordcount or anything, actually. It’s possible by processing a copy of the account export, but that isn’t… great.

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I’m starting to use Logseq, any reason why you didn’t stick with it?

I have been using Obsidian for a while, but I feel like it’s super cluttered… I want a fresh start.

Maybe I should just start a new Obsidian vault :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was years ago–but logseq at the time had almost no dataview/query/table-y features.

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Not directly, but you can use AI to do calculations (as long as they are easy enough for GPT to interpret).

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I didn’t connect Tana to Beeminder but went the other way round. By creating Tana Command node with Make API request. Now I get Beeminder goal status in Related Contents area of my daily note.

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