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Testing a mobile-friendly Beeminder


Small asymmetry: there’s a white strip on the right side of the browser window and no such strip on the left side.

I’m assuming that anything that could be considered glitchy or unintentional is worth reporting?

Also, a protocol idea for @apb: Click :heart: if you can reproduce it? We can then try to add details and clues to :heart:less bug reports.


I can’t reproduce this one (or maybe I don’t understand what you mean).


They do line up (or line up pretty close) to where they’re supposed to be, which is in line with the majority of the goals on the page - you only have one expanded. It looks the same way on right now.


I can’t actually reproduce this. What’s the resolution you’re at? When I slowly shrink the width on Safari, the arrow disappears if there’s not enough room instead of jumping to a new line.


Frontpage margins: want symmetry


more margin ill-distribution: (at laptop screen resolution)


Bug: lost the nice animation on expand & collapse of the dashboard goal units. So on production I get a smooth transition from super tiny, to the expanded data entry view, and on beeta it does a choppy jump between the two states.

Both chrome & safari seem to show this.


Bug: text doesn’t go back in line after collapsing a goal in the dashboard:

(So, I visit my dashboard, expand a goal, enter some data, collapse it again, and it is left like this).


Bug: The newbee data entry form doesn’t clear itself after you submit it.



Bug 1: the little triangle jumps down a row when I shrink the window on Safari:


Bug 2: my long goalblurb ruins the alignment of the columns (at any browser width):


Bug: graph thumbnail doesn’t update after submitting data:


No login with other formats (e.g. twitter)? Can’t use it yet.


Oh, you can! (And thank you for trying!) The trick is to go to your settings and create a password and use that to log in to


Another password to remember? Sorry, but no thank you. I’ll leave this as a potential bug as it’s not working as I expected.


To be clear, this isn’t an intended feature of the new mobile friendly design. It’s specific to the fact that it’s currently on the beeta subdomain. Twitter and the other OAuth logins require that you specify the URL where you’re signing into, which we’ve specified as (without the beeta prefix).

In other words, Twitter and the other logins will work once we deploy these changes, just not during testing.


@apb thanks for the update. I’m pleased it will be implemented but it stops me from testing.


To clarify for anyone else who may want to help test but doesn’t need or want to set a Beeminder password: You can create any random password in your Account Settings and use it to log in one time to and it should remember you forever. No need to ever use the password again!


The “this goal is archiving” line is out of place on Beeta. Also the ! mark is missing, which was not the most elegant solution, but also not so terrible – worked as a very minor thing to make the goal noticeable. Without the exclamation mark, it might be easy not to notice the “Archiving” bit which replaces your subtitle (if you have no subtitles it’ll stand out more than if some/most of your goals have a subtitle).


something went wacky with the refresh button here:


Was the new version just deployed or does the dashboard suddenly look weird for unrelated reasons? :slight_smile:
In Chrome 64.0.3282.167, the goals which are toggled and untoggled are not aligned (see screenshot, not sure how to paste it here as a picture).