Failed a goal today because of syncing

This makes me so angry. Yesterday when I finished my Russian practice, the app just would not update. I tried restarting my phone but it just kept saying “Regenerating” on everything I refreshed and the Russian task was showing Derailed.

I left it and forgot about it because I didn’t have any other goals for the night, and today was very busy at work so I completely forgot about beeminder until just now. When I opened it it still hadn’t synced, but after a minute it refreshed and of course my Goal had Derailed. Because it wasn’t synced I received no notifications the entire day.

Not only do I get charged, but I ruined what is for me a really good streak…

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Support should be able to fix this for you! Probably the quickest way to get things resolved is to respond to the email you received about your derailment, so they know it wasn’t legit and can reverse the charge/derailment.


Genuine technical issues never count as legitimate derailments, so as the ever-vigilant @gretchen says, just reply to the email and we’ll fix it. Best done promptly so that putting your road right doesn’t cause problems.

You may also be able to poke duolingo and get them to restore your streak. I’ve never tried to contact their support, so no idea what it’s like. Support by actual humans who try to understand what’s going on is hard to scale.


Support has always fixed a false derailment for me. Just reply back to the mail you received.