There was a problem adding your datapoint

When I’m trying to add a data point, I’m getting a pop up that says “there was a problem adding your datapoint”. Refreshing the page will not help. And not just one goal, multiple goals of mine have this issue.

Please let me know what’s going on asap or I will be charged through no fault of my own.

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Have you emailed We’ll figure it out! You won’t be charged – if the derailment happens just reply to the legit check explaining what happened.

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I have gotten the same error message a few times. I noticed that I could add data points if I adjusted the value before selecting “Add Progress.” When I increment the value using the + and - buttons the value immediately goes to zero rather than actually adding or subtracting from the current value. If you press the button again the value will then change correctly. Entering the value directly, without using the buttons, seems to work as well.

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Aha! This was maybe not technically a bug but we decided to stop prefilling the previous value and instead just have it as placeholder text so you still had to explicitly give the new value before submitting. Except the placeholder text was pretty much indistinguishable from the prefilled text so it seemed like it was just inexplicably failing. It caught me by surprise personally as well.

So that was no good at all. As hopefully a stopgap we made the placeholder text be like “e.g. 1” instead of just “1” which hopefully makes it clearer. I think the right solution is to have it highlight the missing field and give an informative error.

Thanks for reporting this! And let us know if it’s still throwing you off. That will help us prioritize the proper fix.

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I just ran into this because I accidentally put the value in the comment instead: the bit in between the - and + doesn’t obviously parse as editable to me but there’s this great big text box I can enter a number into.

Also I’m going to disagree with you. This is an absolutely terrible error message for that case and that definitely counts as a bug in my book. :-p


Right, it’s only technically not a bug in that it’s by design that you can’t submit a datapoint without a value. Absolutely right that the error message at the very least needs to be fixed and the UI may have problems that it makes it so easy to make that mistake in the first place.

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