Uncaught Error: TrackJS Caught: The quota has been exceeded.

I am unable to change tabs in settings in goals. I could, just minutes ago.

It appears that it is caused by spying [trackJS is above board and Beeminder vouches for it; it’s not about tracking anything beyond what you do on Beeminder itself] script exploded. BTW, I wanted to block that but appears to be bundled with scripts in general so there is no easy way to get rid of it.

I see following in browser console exploded.

Uncaught Error: TrackJS Caught: The quota has been exceeded.
    w goal.js:459
    k goal.js:494
    <anonymous> goal.js:546
    jQuery 4
    b t.js:4
    wrapEventTarget t.js:6
    jQuery 6
    <anonymous> application-60d971691e00c9e81c80121487aa340359e85ffed88501751c69e8b1fbbb176c.js:4

It keeps appearing. Changing name of one goal, unarchiving another and changing its commitment rate was enough to run out of quota and be unable to change anything else.

Shucks! We have had a few reports of folks having a problem switching tabs in their goals.

“The quota has been exceeded” seems like an error from the browser related to LocalStorage. We use LocalStorage for a few things on the site, like preferences and goal settings as you create a new goal.

I don’t think this is caused by TrackJS. We have TrackJS to help us find and reproduce Javascript errors. Part of that message is actually TrackJS saying it saw this error and is logging details for us to fix it!

This may be related to some bad/old site settings saved in your browser. Could you clear the storage for the site in your browser settings? After you do that, do you have problems switching tabs on the goal page?


Is ctrl+shift+delete and selecting all fields in Firefox is expected to be sufficient? Or is there some extra-special storage?

It looks like you do it in “cookies and site data” for Firefox. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/storage#w_delete-site-storage-for-individual-websites