Unreadable error message during goal creation

This is a sticker one. At least it just prevented me from creating a goal and now I am creating this report and by the end I will have forgotten about the goal I wanted to create which is sad.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Use a desktop PC with firefox (Mozilla Firefox 102.0.1)
  • Create new do more goal (goal type probably doesn’t matter)
  • Click next till you reach the preview page
  • (Accidentally) switch to dashboard by clicking on yourself in the top right
  • Use the back button in the browser to go back to preview page
  • Click next and then finish
  • Get an unreadable error (it pops down too quickly) and get taken back to the preview page
  • Repeat as long as you want

Expected behavior:

Either, let me create my goal, or tell me that I cannot create a goal anymore after going to the dashboard

Actual behavior:

Pretend that I can still create my goal while I cannot