Unexpected Fixed Goal Dial When Manually Setting Breaks on Weekends

I use the “Breaks” page (beeminder) to schedule weekends off manually in my goals. Typically, I just do it one week in advance, but yesterday I tried scheduling a lot of weekends off in advance and found that this removes my ability to change my commitment dial during the week in the time periods between the weekends that are scheduled as breaks (commitment dial of 0 on Saturdays and Sundays).

To be precise, I wanted to increase my goal to 2.5 instead of 2, but it remains at 2 during the weeks until my last scheduled weekend off. Here is an image of the goal schedule:

This was unexpected to me so I thought it might be helpful to point out.


Yep, this is working exactly as expected, but it’s really useful to know it came as a surprise! If you check out the commitment dial, it does explain this – we’d love to understand how to make the wording clearer. Here’s how it looks right now:

Dialing your red line means changing your commitment starting a week from now.
This will adjust the final segment of your red line graph, so if you already have graph changes upcoming, you might want to use the more powerful graph editor to make changes to your commitment.

As mentioned there, the workaround would be to use the graph editor, or you could even use the “take a break” tool to overwrite the rate on those days (remember the rate you set with that tool doesn’t have to be zero – it can be 2.5!).


Thanks. Indeed, there is a note haha! (I haven’t read this part in a while.) Using the take a break tool to change the workweek goal is a good workaround.