How to take breaks on weekends (manually)


I’ve been trying to schedule breaks for a goal on weekends, and didn’t get it right properly – I’m hoping to get some help with this from you guys.
From the graph itself I cannot really see exactly if the schedule is right, and the “upcoming changes” list in in the “take a break” menu is slightly confusing with some entries that I don’t seem to be able to overwrite.

I would like to:
– set a normal rate x for Mon-Fri
– set Sat and Sun rates to zero

What confuses me is that “A flat spot starting on, e.g., Apr 24, means you still have to do stuff up to and including Apr 24” statement.
Sure, so I have to set my flat spot from Fr-Sun to get an actual flat spot on Sat-Sun (although I find this slightly counterintuitive).
But then, to set the working rate from Mon-Fr, by the same logic, do I have to set a spot with slope x from Sun-Fr? This would mean I set two different rates for Sunday, but due to beeminder treating the start and end point the time period differently this would still work out. I guess?

Help please. :slight_smile:

(Not setting the working rate but only the flat spots in between does not seem to give the results expected due to some entries in that history from when my working rate used to be different that do not disappear).


Hi, @marcus_a_s, what you are describing seems to be what you should do to achieve what you want, however counterintuitive it seems.
It might help to think of this first date as “the last date when original rate applies”, then there will be less confusion I think.
This is strange that you have to enter “breaks” for the working rate as well. Usually, it works in the following way: the rate that was set in the road dial apply whenever there are no specific breaks. But maybe there are some vestiges of a previously applied rate. I have also noticed that if there are breaks planned, then the new official rate is only applied after any existing breaks.
If this vestigial rate affects a long period of time, to save effort, I would suggest asking the support to blow any existing upcoming changes so that the official rate from the road dial will apply sooner, and then only create the breaks for the weekend, yes, with Friday as the first date and Sunday as the second one.


Thank you, very helpful. :slight_smile:

Seems like the artifacts have been managed for now, but might ask support to help me out and delete them if they make problems later.

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Weekends-off is such a common request. Somebody must have made a script to automate that. But I haven’t come accross it. Curious, isn’t it?

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