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I love Beefinder thus far. It is effectively motivating me thus far.

My problem is technical. (I’m new.) I have a goal to do something 6/7 days a week. I’ve tried to mark that I’ve done it twice so far and a non-integer is coming up for one day (recorded as 0:53). To make things work, I tried to change my past records to fix it and now I’m recorded as having done the task more times than I have in fact done it.

The goal is to have an overnight fast and the description of the goal mentions hours so I wonder if this is what I’ve done wrong? Has it somehow tried to enter a time unit (eg it thinks I’ve fasted for an hour and 53 minutes?) If so, how do I change units? Another possibility is that it is trying to reflect that I’m only aiming to do it 6/7ths of the time but have so far done it 100% of the time? But the numbers don’t look right for that to be the problem. Finally, maybe I just had fat fingers without noticing at the time but that still leaves me puzzled how to fix for a typo.

Thanks in advance!

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Oh dear, I’m sorry this is confusing! I’m thinking maybe there’s a mixup between goal types here, maybe? It sounds like the overnight fast goal has ended up as a time goal, but actually you’re wanting it as a “unit” goal.

I think this is what’s happening:

  • You are trying to record 6 units/week (to answer the “did I fast at least 6 nights this week?” goal)
  • But have instead set it up to record 6 hours/week (likely because you mentioned “hours” in the goal units)
  • You have been recording 1 success per night.
  • …but Beeminder thinks this is 1 hour (as per what it thinks is the goal type).
  • It is then showing you how many more minutes you need to record today to hit the goal that beeminder thinks you have, of 6 hours a week. That’s the decimal 00:53 you’re seeing.

As you hypothesised, beeminder ends up doing this if you mention in the units a time-based thing, like “hours” or “minutes” in a goal. It’s trying to be helpful, but in this case you might want to just say something like “fasts”!

Does all this sound right? EDIT: If this is right, then one my esteemed colleages has pointed out there’s a switch you can change on the “Settings” tab on the goal editing page. Scroll down to the “Data” section, and tick “My data are Numbers” which unticks “My data are Time”:

(Since you’re still in the first week, you could also just cancel this goal immediately - on the Stop/Pause tab in the goal view - and set up another one to record fasts per week.)

OTOH, it’s entirely possible I’m not getting it right here - please do say, and we’ll try and steer you into a good place :slight_smile: