Units of time on a do-more goal


I have a goal of spending at least 45 minutes per day in Word. Today I spent over 3 hours, and now I have 50 hours due in 9 days. The data is automatically entered via RescueTime. Can anyone have a look and tell me whether I messed something up between portions of an hour (.75 per day) versus hours and minutes?


support@beeminder.com is the place to get this sort of thing sorted, but if you can report back here with a post-mortem on how the confusion happened, we’ll be grateful!

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Just as a quick thought: it sounds to me like you may have toggled the header so that you’re looking at the cumulative total that will be due by that date, rather than the amount you need to complete between now and then. I say that because the units of RescueTime-linked goals are set automatically, and the data is added automatically, so there shouldn’t be a way for the scale to get messed up! :slightly_smiling_face: If that’s the case, clicking where it says 50 hours will toggle it back to the amount you need to complete to get another day of buffer.

But if that doesn’t help or there’s something else confusing, we’d love to talk it over with you in support, as Danny mentioned – definitely don’t hesitate, feedback about any kind of confusion or weirdness is always really helpful!


Oh my gosh. I did just toggle the header. :woman_facepalming:t2: I didn’t realize it toggled as well–I suppose I had only hit the box for the due date before.

The only thing I’m confused about now is when to post here and when to contact support. I guess listing the link and asking if anybody could have a look was too much for the forum? But in this case, any experienced user could have done that (if they were curious or keen enough, certainly not saying anyone should do that) and seen what I had done.

On the Contact Us page, it says:

“If you don’t feel like participating in our user forum and you didn’t find an answer in our help docs, you can email support@beeminder.com or use the form below.”

I did feel like participating in the user forum. So I think that could be clarified because apparently I should have gone straight to support?


I suspect @dreev thought it was a much more complex problem with the units that would require the kind of access that the support team have (e.g. the ability to look at your data, which you don’t have set to public, or the background settings of your goal which only support can see). :slight_smile: Often a very similar sort of confusion comes in when people have odometer goals without properly understanding them, and stuff like that – but that’s much easier to realise with admin level access.

If not and in general we’d rather we start handling this kind of question directly in support, then we’ll have a think about the wording on the contact page – thanks for flagging up your questions about that!


That’s some serious dedication, spending 3 hours on Word in a day. As for the tracking issue, RescueTime might not be picking up those smaller time chunks accurately. You could try manually tracking your time alongside.

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Thanks, I will! I find ActivityWatch to be more accurate, so I can look at that as well.

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