urtext and (proposed) orig_comment / orig_value

One question and one RFE.

I was wondering about the urtext field on datapoints. Obviously it seems to be set to the string that was originally parsed to create the datapoint. I’m guessing it originates from replies to bot emails and the SMS bot and from the Advanced Entry mechanism.

Datapoints created using an API call (obviously?) sport an empty urtext field. What’s mildly surprising, however, is that urtext is populated on datapoints entered using the Form Entry method. That suggests that instead of a direct path through the API, that the data in the form gets converted to a string that gets parsed in a secondary step. Is that correct?

A short intermezzo to avoid the XY problem: so far I’ve been (ab)using the urtext field to get at a datapoint’s original comment after it’s been edited, by capturing the EDT callback sent by the PESOS webhook. I’m using this to (dis)allow certain edits to datapoint comments (by posting to a companion goal). This worked fine, until I realized that datapoints created using the API have an empty field.

So what I’d love to see implemented, is a field called something like orig_comment, that gets added to the packet that’s sent to the webhook on every EDT to a datapoint. To enable other novel uses, orig_value could be sent as well! Does all this seem useful to other people?

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In my limited experience, the urtext is also preprocessed and despite the name isn’t necessarily strictly what was passed. I’m mildly surprised that we don’t construct an urtext even for API-created datapoints.

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