Data point comment privacy?

I’ve ended up storing all sorts of things in data point comments, including, for instance, sms messages. This has got me wondering:

When support helps me out with a goal, are they also able to see data point comments?


Very good of you to bring this up!

I don’t know why anyone would assume otherwise. First of all, someone needs to have access to the database(s) for administrative and development purposes, so they know everything™. I guess that is @bee.
But that’s a little bit beside the point, because I assume that support can, in general, see everything related to a user’s goals anyway including all datapoints and all their comments and submission dates and so on. How else would they be able to effectively help you with this complex beast that is Beeminder? You could argue that maybe the comments aren’t strictly necessary but I doubt there is special treatment for that single piece of information.

I’m not so sure about, say, payment information details such as your credit card number, since that is handled by Stripe or PayPal. But I assume that for instance payment history is also visible, but let’s ask @shanaqui for comments, because at the end of the day I’m just talking out of my assortment of educated guesses :wink:


Hey @narthur! Support can see most or all goal data that would normally be private, so I wouldn’t put a murder confession in your datapoint comments. :wink: Comments we can definitely see, though we don’t pay much attention to them in the ordinary way of things (sometimes they can be useful for troubleshooting, e.g. with duplicates or if they contain the submission date/time, and it lets us identify and delete the recommit datapoint from non-legit derailments).

At the moment the only people likely to see them even incidentally are the ones who handle support on a day-to-day basis: me, Jon and Bee, and sometimes Mary or Danny.

@phi: we never see your payment details – those are handled by Stripe and Paypal (depending on your payment type). Payment history we have to be able to see in order to be able to do refunds. :slightly_smiling_face:


What about past history of datapoint comments? Is that kept around somewhere?

If you can still access it, we can still access it. However, practically speaking, we only have easy access to the last handful of datapoints and their comments. Anything behind the load more options, me and Jon can’t get to and would have to hand on to Bee to look at/deal with.

Well if I deleted it, I can no longer access it - the website doesn’t show deleted comments. So does only the Queen Bee have that access?

No such access except for database backups for a limited time.

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