Using Beeminder to track and score my 12 Week Year Seasonal Goals

I would like to go the full 2024 doing 12 Week Year goals. For those not familiar with the 12 week year it’s a productivity method where each year is a quarter/season for more intensity and focus. It helps you to not get distracted along the way, lose sight or procrastinate because well…. you have a whole year to do all this. Think New Year’s resolutions that seem to just evaporate like morning fog because of so much time lying ahead. Before you know it you’re trying to cram everything into that last quarter.

Within the tracking there is also scoring to help keep you on track. 80% score seems to be common. It’s also common to focus on 2-3 goals each quarter that you will prioritize over others. And there’s also a weekly review. The accountability part is where beeminder comes in.

Even though I’ve watched many YouTube videos and articles I plan to actually finish the book. I plan on starting with each season but I’ll probably delay the winter’s start till 1 Jan. If anyone has done this please provide tips and how you integrated Beeminder for scoring. I’m thinking it’s just really staying on course… well having the goal run it’s course even if you derail… and setting the goals’ ending dates in Beeminder.


This is also something to give thought to as far as a group activity. Like a mini version of the yearly challenge