Using the Rescuetime integration to become less distracted

I haven’t been the best at getting work done. Worse, I often find myself bored and so I sometimes distract my mind with TV shows and video games. During the month of November, I particularly fell off the horse and did 199 hours of very distracting activities on the computer.

I knew I was doing something wrong at the time but it was really difficult at the time to work my way out of it. At this point I was becoming quite poor, as someone who is about college age, so between knowing that I needed to pull things together and the need to make enough money to live, I started to change things.

Once I decided this, I started to do better…

I had been using Beeminder less through November and December with about 6 goals. But one of the most helpful goal I attribute what I consider pretty much overhauling my life in a lot of ways was a simple goal I named “fewer distractions.” It is just a simple Do Less goal integrated with Rescuetime. When I watch a show, play a game or browse Twitter (and everything else along those lines) it is considered distracting. I give myself 1 hour and a half each day for these activities. I have found that the time I do spend doing these things is much more enjoyable. Before creating this goal I was mindlessly turning my screen on and going to some random app for no reason which was not at all enjoyable.

Anyway, the stats speak for themselves. I now drive my mind to think of next actions and productive things instead of feeding my brain nothingness. Without fewer distractions, my time would likely be spent just like December or worse.