Want to set the weaseling option... Screenshots in case of ifttt breakdown???

Some beeminder things are more foolproof than others. Like Fitbit Up and Duolingo. For instance fitbit… Many a nights I’ve walked up and down the hall to get those last steps in because that late night sync hears no excuses. The manual additions are the problem. So I’ve decided to use screen shots. For example for phone lockouts I can take a screenshot of the forest app which shows my lockout time. Share it to EverNote which pulls a link of the screenshot into ifttt which then gives me the beeminder points. I want to have it set to ifttt and not have the option to change that but what if I weaselproof it and either ifttt or EverNote has a sync breakdown? Can I still show that screen shot… Like that doctor’s note which shows actual completion days as my proof? I’d also like to do this for beeminding cooking and recording violin practice as proof that I did them.

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If what you need is more accountability, then making your goal data public and creating a public dropbox folder with your screenshots could be sufficient to keep you on the straight and narrow.

I’ve got some goals that are fed from Zapier noticing that I’ve saved a file into a dropbox folder. You might even be able to incorporate a datapoint value into the file name, if you’re tracking minutes of violin practice rather than number of sessions.

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Thanks. Yes I track minutes with violin practice. I tested uploading a 15 minute session to Dropbox this morning. It took about as long as the session itself but my internet has been unstable here lately. Maybe I’ll look for a recorder that compresses files. As for using the forest app to decrease phone use time there was a couple problems which dealt with EverNote and upgrades. It wouldn’t sync to ifttt. I tried again this morning and it seemed ok so hopefully the system I have set up for capturing screenshots for that works simple enough if not I’ll have to try something else. Maybe create a new Dropbox account because I don’t want to connect my current one to ifttt.