Devs, PLEASE create a Beeminder GPTs

I’ve really given it a go, but can’t get past the authentication.
There are SO MANY new things we could do with good GPT integrations! Just a brainstorm:

  1. Gratitude journaling (ChatGPT verifies unique, meaningful things to be greatful for)
  2. Take a selfie - veryify that you took a new seflie today
  3. Integration with Screen Time on iOS (provide a screenshot, it extracts out the details automatically).
  4. Other journaling type verification.
  5. Clean my room (or whatever!): Gotta provide a photo of a clean room!
    That’s just a few… the image recognition provides a HUGE platform for things we could do. You might even be able to bake this into Beeminder itself (photo based goal?)
    I’ve rigged up a couple of these using IFTTT webhooks and will look into a few more, but it’s not general purpose enough. Plus, what we really need is a goal type with the data source being ChatGPT, so ONLY chatGPT could provide data for it.

Please, take a look into this! I’m sure there’s even more things that could be done.

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Agreed! Can we dive in with you on the authentication stuff? Did you see @bee’s latest in the other thread?

Maybe some interesting way GPTs could be used would be for goal creation.

“Create a Beeminder goal that asks me to clean my room for 1 minute every 7 days”