way to get around lack of integration with MyFitnessPal

So I have been trying to figure out how to beemind the tracking of food and calories. I know I can do this with FitBit, but I do not like their interface on food tracking as much as MyFitnessPal (MFP). And I think that the calorie goals on MFP are better than on FitBit.

I understand that MFP is not linked with Beeminder. And I had hope that there might be a way through IFTTT – no such luck,

I figured out that I can track calories on MFP, and the overall calories eaten data per meal pushes into FitBIt. And that in turn can push into Beeminder. The only trick was figuring out how many calories I needed/wanted to have as my daily deficit to get the weight loss I want… I read too many blog posts on tracking the inputs to weight loss. So I am tracking servings of fruits and veg, glasses of water, and now net calories.

I simply love the nerdiness of SOOO much data…


a) You can sync calories entered in MFP into Fitbit
b) You can Beemind “Calories eaten” from the Fitbit integration
The Fitbit integration has a “Net calories” option but I have not tried it.

You might want to also Beemind “Calories burned” (Fitbit and RunKeeper integrations) since it is a usual advice to burn more in order to increase your metabolism.

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I find that the MFP-pushing data into Fitbit works ok, though it sometimes syncs a bit slow (same with water intake). I now wanted to create a beeminder to keep my weekly calories eaten in check, regardless of my excercise. Abs are made in the kitchen and what not. Since I already use the MFP-Fitbit sync, I thought I’d make a new goal with Fitbit input, but now it wants me to eat AT LEAST 11500 calories/week. What I need is of course a cap of 11500, so I tried starting a do less goal, but now cannot sync automatically with Fitbit… I technically could enter the data manually, but that’s more work and ‘opportunity’ for cheating…

Seems I am doing something backwards here! Any help/experiences?

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sounds strange, try contacting support over e-mail.

I was fiddling around with the settings some more, went back to the graph and noticed the autodata goal actually had a “limit XX calories in Y days” now, so either I misread the first couple of times around, or there was an issue/delay in syncing the starting data from FitBit.

Happy camper here! Although, what if you try to gain weight and actually want your calories to be above a certain amount every day/week?


Look for Custom settings in the Settings tab, try the “Above” option for “Good side of the yellow brick road”

I’m not sure if this is available on the free plan. Pinging @chelsea @dreev

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Not that I need it for now, but I’ve checked and custom goals are only available from the Bee Plus program onwards.