Weekends-off working beautifully! (edit: or not! :))

I usually post in the forum to report bugs so here’s positive post for a change :slight_smile:

I’m quite pleased with the weekends off feature and the road being recalculating accorindly in a case of a goal where the end value is set.
The goal is one on running kilometers (320 for the months of November-December in case you wonder.)
I was lagging behind and have enabled weekends off as a way to catch up, only to find out that the rate is (correctly) increasing in order to catch up to the end value that I have committed :slight_smile:
Good job! :slight_smile:


On the other side, on a goal with a set rate of “2500/week”, the weekends off feature seems to work as actually taking two days off (thus ending up with a reduced rate of “1785/week”)
@dreev feel free to check https://www.beeminder.com/apolyton/runkeeper-calories

It seems that in this case this is the opposite as the use case of my original post


This too is an artefact of the current implementation, rather than by design.

Any goal expressed in terms of a rate but with weekends off should probably be set (maybe forcibly) to be specified in rate per day.

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I’m not sure a rate per day would solve this. Perhaps a rate per month would though?

I’m pretty sure. If you want to do 2500 units per calendar week, with weekends off, setting a rate of 500 units per Beeminder day will do the trick.

With any frequency other than per day, the math that you pointed out will apply behind the scenes, which makes it difficult to estimate the total slope per calendar period.


Thank you for the clarification.

That said, maybe the help text (“WARNING: this will not play nicely with retro-ratcheting or auto-capping your safety buffer.”) should be extended to note that the setting actually works in two different ways depending on what kind of commitment you have set.