Weight loss goal HELP!

Can someone please help me on how to set up a weight loss goal. I set up my original weight (129.2lb) then it asks “What is the most your weight can change in one day?” so I put something like 1lb, then when it generates a graph it says “Starting weight 130.2” but I put it 129.2, I don’t get it. Why are the weights under Hard Cap by Day the same? and why is yellow brick row so narrow (I saw them being wider on different pictures) and why is the road flat initially? (Sorry for all the questions, I’m just really confused)


Thanks for asking about this! We just added the “what’s the most your weight can change” thing the other day (along with other changes like a razor thin road) and clearly have more work to do to make it all clearer.

I do think it’s going to work nicely though. To attempt answers to the specific questions:

  1. In general the idea is that the Yellow Brick Road is the most your weight is ever allowed to be. So it’s conservatively starting a pound above your current weight.
  2. The “Hard Cap By Day” numbers tell you the most you can weigh each day in the coming week.
  3. The road is flat for the first week to… well, just to let you start with a bit more safety buffer. For other goal types we let you choose how much initial flat road you get and I’m thinking we should do that for weight loss as well.

Eager to hear if any of that is helpful. Keep asking questions! They help us a lot in improving Beeminder.

Seems like it would be more user-friendly to have that field be pre-populated with an estimate (e.g. 5% of bodyweight) or have a link to a short wizard or something if you want to collect more data to make the estimate more accurate—e.g. do (menstruating) women’s weights fluctuate more?.