What do you use Anki for?

After seeing quite a few recent topics discussing the use of Anki, was curious to get feedback from the community here on what everyone is using Anki for?

I used to use Quizlet in college to study, but now being a self-employed business owner, I’m not sure why I would need flash cards unless I was studying for a test or trying to learn a new language’s vocabulary.

In fact, the last time I used flashcards was to study for my real estate agent exam.

so just want to know anyone’s unique usage for Anki… and if it’s mainly for studying for tests or if there’s something I’m missing?

One unique idea I had was that it could be good to review undeveloped/orphaned obsidian notes in my second brain…

I think I had heard from somewhere that it was good practice for reviewing business ideas/ general ideas ?


Haven’t used it consistently since college, but for a while I used it to memorize keyboard shortcuts and programming-related stuff (web API features, programming concepts, etc).


At this point, 95% remembering board game rules. The other 5% is an odd assortment of people’s names, important dates, strategic themes from work, etc.


I mostly use Anki for language learning and for studying for certification exams.

I will also put keyboard shortcuts or command line commands that I would like to remember into Anki.

If I notice myself spelling an English word incorrectly, I will make a spelling card for it in Anki as well. (Audio on the front with a textbox to type out the word, on the back it will tell you if you were correct).

In the past, I used it to get me to re-read things I wanted to remember (like documentation at work). I would put a link to the text I wanted to read on the card, so each card I would read the documentation in full. I changed the intervals so they only showed up once a week or less, I can’t remember now.


I’ve used it for various things over the years. Most recently I’ve used it for memorizing trivia for pub trivia… which I guess is honestly not that different from “studying for a test”. A bit further back, I’ve done both the language learning thing and the “memorizing keyboard shortcuts and programming-related stuff” as Nathan said.


I think your idea is good—at least, it works well for me. :slight_smile: I use the Obsidian plugin obsidian-spaced-repetition for this instead of Anki, though. I think it’s a lot easier than keeping them in sync.

Superfluous detail for posterity:

I basically use it like Backlog Freshening For Humans, but since my goal is to write and make connections (not to keep every note up-to-date), spaced repetition is a better selection algorithm than oldest-modification-time. I’ll see a note daily so long as I keep marking it as “hard” (which I’ll do if seeing it was productive in some way), and less frequently if I mark it as “easy” or “very easy”.