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What kind (if any) referral program for Beeminder would you take advantage of?


super excited & the right step to scale growth for a saas company :slight_smile:

I tried to find an affiliate links in the footer, but it didn’t exist.

I vote for an invite only, affiliate program with revenue sharing model. e.g. you get 50% of the first year of the users payments to beeminder if they become premium members. (the more you pay the faster beeminder spreads imho)


A potential beeminder referral program makes me feel indifferent — I don’t expect programs like this to pay me out frequently enough to make them worthwhile.

That said, I’d vote for Option 1 or 3. $5 cash seems too low to be motivating.


Everyone I’ve talked to about Beeminder thought I was crazy.

“Take it easy”, “Don’t be so hard on yourself”, “Relax”, “Listen to your gut”, “That sounds like an evil corporate thing to do”.

The only person I convinced to try Beeminder had trouble finding good metrics.

About the only good thing that came from it is that I know whose advice not to take.


Sounds like you expressed what beeminder is to people that already view you as an very high achiever (if that makes sense…) :slight_smile:


@dreev ‘where’s my money?’ could be one of the emails I’m sending you because I referred 200 new infinibees in a year.

What would that bring me in $ ? (lets be honest, this is what most of us users are interested in if this would ever start)


I agree, but I don’t think this applies to option 1 - the fact that someone wants option 1 means that they truly see beeminder as valuable.


Incentives for API integrations would make a difference to me. Working on Beescheduler[1] (Coming Soon™) would be easier to justify if I got paid for it. And I’d have a reason to respond to users other than altruism.

[1]: Schedule goals with different rates every based the day of the week. E.g: write 500 words Monday - Wednesday and not have Beeminder bother you the rest of the week.


I would also be interested in this. While it might be orthogonal to a referral program, an integration bounty program would be awesome! Especially if we could make third-party integrations easy to promote to first-party.


Any progress? Can we vote? Do you have the affiliate link somewhere already “working” as discussed in amsterdam ?


We do! PM me and I’ll make you a custom link you can start using and from which we can track referrals despite our failure to get the rest of the program set up yet!