Is anyone else willing to pay $50 a month for the privilege of $0 pledge?

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It seems based on a recent email from @dreev , that the priority is making money for Beeminder. As someone who was paying $50 USD a month, I was paying that each month for the express privilege of the $0 pledge.

So I wanted to create an informal ‘straw’ poll that Beeminder staff can ideally see with regards to how many of their customers are actually willing to spend money on this?

If the main rationale for Beeminder to remove $0 pledges is because they want/need more money, my understanding was that the $50 a month premium plan was the compromise. Am I missing anything?


Any time I have paid for the Beemium plan (on a monthly basis), it has been to have access to creating goals with (especially initial) pledges of $0.


Fair question! Related discussion:


Isn’t (wasn’t?) an initial pledge of $0 available at a lower tier than Beemium? All the goals I’ve created recently gave me that option, and I’m on Bee Plus.

ETA: Oh wait, on rereading the initial post in this thread it looks like a recent[0] Beemail says those are being removed. I’ve updated my question accordingly.

[0] Weekly or daily one, apparently; I’m signed up for the monthlies.

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The current plan (though not fully set in stone yet) is that $0 initial pledges will still be available to allow a trial period for a goal (length still under discussion), but the pledge will automatically increase to $5 after that time. People with Beemium would, as far as I know, still be able to cap pledges at $0.

I think @dreev has been pretty convinced by people’s arguments that $0 pledges should stay in some form, overall, but Beeminder does indeed ultimately need to earn money in order to continue and improve, so various changes have been mooted.

All of this has indeed been discussed (and polled) among the dailies/weeklies, Beemail-wise, and I think we’re still digesting the feedback (so definitely don’t take anything I’ve said as the exact roadmap for what’s going to happen).