What's an on-brand term for a Beeminder user who's also a blogger?

This is a seriously important question, I think you’ll agree*. It relates to Improving the “Beeminder-Ping” WordPress plugin.

  • Beeblogger
  • Bzzlogger
  • Authorbee


Please someone who’s better at this than me, help!

*This is neither serious, nor especially important.

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Bloggerbee? You might think this is isomorphic to beeblogger, but I think the former more mellifluous. Also, beeblogger seems to imply someone is blogging about beeminding. Bloggerbee just tells you what kind of bee they are.



Beelogger is way better than beeblogger.


Seconded! it even collapses to ‘blogger’… :slight_smile: