What's your current backlog counter?

Mine was under 100 yesterday after a really long time :smiley:
Here’s my “created vs resolved” chart from my Jira instance. The peak was at 307 open tasks, in large part due to overzealous planning of tasks to be done over several months/year…


Is this for work? Or do you use jira as you todo list? :nerd_face:


Both work and personal projects

I use OmniFocus to keep track of what I need to do mostly…

  • 243 tasks in 39 projects and from those…
    • 150 tasks in 14 projects on hold

It’s almost embarrassing how incomplete (many more tasks that not yet have been put into OmniFocus) and inaccurate(I’ll have to groom my backlog which will happen on Friday) those numbers are…

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How does Jira work?

Well, it’s a project management system. You have projects split in tasks and sub-tasks. It’s got an often overwhelming set of features which also means it can be quite flexible.

I’ve been bouncing around so many tools for keeping track of my tasks lately (SimpleNote, Workflowy, Moleskine, 3x5 cards “hipster pda,” Trello, AirTable). I think I just need to settle on something.

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How does it connect to beeminder?

Zapier. You can setup a query/filter (“project = X”) and when Zapier gets a new result it triggers a new data point to Beeminder.
I have several of those to track progress on different projects and overall output.

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