The Great Archiving

I am about to archive most of my goals. Though I am not leaving. I am going to use boss as a service paired with Beeminder. So most of my goals will remain but will have my boss keep track via my shared Todoist list. It will provide some flexibility too as I will have specific rules on when I can skip a goal. But kind of like the old weasel proofing I will need to provide my boss proof.

I think this will work out nicely but can always I bring back goals if it does not work out.

Has anyone else done this method?


It usually takes more than just Beeminder to keep me on track to actual goals.

When putting a new system in place, I also create one or more Beeminder goals to remind me to make use of the system. A kind of meta-goal, if you will.

e.g. I’ve just started using TaskRatchet (which reminds me, gotta go tick off those commitments!) and so also created a Beeminder goal to ensure that I’m regularly creating tasks there.

Mark Forster reminds us that it’s very easy to break a new system by overloading it, so go gently.

My current set-up uses a few services:

  • Beeminder for ongoing accountability, regular progress, mindful meta-system, etc
  • TaskRatchet for enforcing specific external commitments
  • for trends and tracking (this has replaced a number of my Beeminder goals and/or duplicates some of the data feeds)
  • Things3 for GTD-style todo list
  • Roam Research for the detail and thinking and planning behind those

I’m also a big fan of placing physical reminders in my environment. What task was I supposed to be focussing on? Does the recycling need to go out? Plan to forget, people!