Where do I find my fluctuation buffer on a weight loss goal created in 2014?

Hi all — I’m going to derail on my weight goal tonight, and am looking for the setting that will tell me what happens to the graph when I do. I created the goal back in 2014, when there was a visible buffer on top of the road, before the move to razor-thin red lines. I’ve seen recent posts where people talk about “fluctuation buffer” but I don’t see a setting for that, only a respite setting (which is set to “2 days” — a metric that would feel more useful as “add 2 kilos” or “add 100 grams” or whatever, on that note). Can someone help me figure out what’s going to happen to my graph when the witching hour hits? :slight_smile:

On my weight loss goal I have two fields for post-derail:

  • Days of buffer which is set to 7 days
  • Fluctuation buffer which is set to 3 (kg’s)

I recently derailed on this goal and it increased moved the red line more than 3 kg up. I have the commitment set as .3 kg/week, so possibly it changed it by 3.3 kg. It’s hard to tell from the graph what the exact changes were, though.

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Hi! It’s possible that if you’re only seeing respite settings but no fluctuation buffer, then your goal hasn’t been fully converted from an old-style weight goal (or was already custom in some way and missed a switch being flipped by consequence)… it should look like this, as an example:

Did the right thing happen when you derail, as far as you’re concerned? If not, definitely contact support – we’d love to dig in and figure out what’s gone awry, so it’d be super helpful.

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Thanks, @jbmadsen and @shanaqui! I don’t have the fluctuation buffer setting (see image).

I went in and updated “days of buffer” to be 14 (instead of 2) before I derailed that night, just to be on the safe side, so everything was ok after the derail. But I’d love to have the fluctuation buffer setting, too! It’s exactly the metric I was talking about wanting in my first post above (showing that once again you guys are way ahead of me :slight_smile: ). I’ll email support!

Update (for people searching the forum for info at a later date): Nicki and Bethany turned on the fluctuation buffer setting for my weight graph, and I set it to half a kilo. I also set the days of buffer to zero.

Based on my research [0], this means that upon a derail [1] my thin red line will reset to 0.5 kilos above my current weight (that’s the fluctuation buffer), and my rate of weight loss will not temporarily flatten (because zero days of buffer). [2]

[0] Nicki explains exactly how it works in the last line of this post.
[1] such as tonight when the deadline hits, wheeeee! So, eight years into tracking my weight, the answer to my original question – ‘what happens to my weight after menopause’ – is apparently ‘it’ll seem like nothing for years and years, but when you reach 55 it will magically become super-hard to maintain the way you’re used to eating!’
[2] And, importantly, I’ll be one step closer to a pledge that will make it easy peasy to say ‘no’ to anything but water and toast on days when I’m skirting the line!!! And hopefully force my horizon for sensible food choices to expand beyond a single day.