Why do the checkmarks on Beeminder for Android work differently to the web ones?

The little checkmark next to goals in the web UI tell me whether data was entered for a goal today, which is useful for keeping track of at-most-once-a-day activities. But the ones on Android don’t seem to do the same thing – a lot of datapoints have checkmarks next to them, seemingly for no reason.
(It doesn’t seem to be “last 24 hours” either, at the moment it’s 11am AEST and I’m seeing a checkmark next to a goal that was last updated 8am AEST yesterday.)

What do the checkmarks on Android mean and why do they behave differently to the web ones? :confused:


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Hm. That sounds like a bug. The checkmarks on the app were expected to behave just as you described. I suspect this might be originating from timezone issues but I’ll look into it and get back to you.

UPDATE: I just checked, and the checkmarks in the app should indicate that the date most recent datapoint is past 00:00am today in the user’s timezone. What you described does seem like a bug, so please let us know if you still observe this unexpected behavior and I’ll dig in further.


Hi @saranli, I’m definitely seeing some unexpected behaviour with the checkmarks. It’s now 8pm and I’m pretty sure all the goals that had data entered yesterday and not yet today are checked off. My timezone is UTC+13 and I’m running Android 5.02

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