Android app displaying different dates for data points than web site

Hello. I’m having issues with using the Beeminder android app to enter goal data points. The issue is pretty easy for me to see right now:

  • If I view the goal on the web site, I see:

24 1 "12m"
25 1 "15m"
26 1 “15m”

  • If I view the goal on my android app, I see:

24 1 "12m"
26 1 "15m"
27 1 “15m”

I also seem to remember having issues with the dates logged when I log goal events with the android app.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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Hey @zenlinux, I was seeing that until yesterday when @saranli shipped version 2.3.3 of the Beeminder Android app. What version are you on? (Thanks for the alert about this, even if (hopefully) it turns out just to be a reminder to folks to update the app.)

PS: Corresponding UVI tweet.

Thanks @dreev! I had just noticed the app update notification this morning. I installed the app but was disappointed at first to see no change. However the app hadn’t synced in hours, so after clicking the sync button, the dates changed to the correct (web based) ones.


Phew! Thanks again for beautifully written bug report here. I was only seeing it with pessimistic presumptive reports but, as you saw, it could manifest other ways, I think when the timestamp happened to be near enough to the deadline.

PS: I had to uninstall and reinstall the app after updating to make widgets work again, but that problem doesn’t seem to have affected anyone but me (chime in if I’m wrong!) so presumably something super idiosyncratic on my end, maybe with testing different app versions.