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Why I see end of goal symbol (archery target) on a goal without an end date?

Thanks for the bug report! In a narrow sense it’s not a bug: your bright red line for that goal is set to end on Aug 20. But that just means the bug is probably upstream: you intended to create an open-ended goal (our favorite kind!) and at some point ended up having an end date in 2021 set on it! That’s bad!

In the meantime, you could head to to push the end date out to the next decade.

Keep this kind of feedback coming! (And DM me to claim your bug bounty stickers!)

As seen it is a quite long term goal and it is likely that at some point I switched from open ended to different one.

But interface (which I looked through) was not showing this ending date anywhere, specifically it was showing it as 10/day without some end date and it was not being archived. worked, now I will have problem in 2041 :slight_smile:

And DM me to claim your bug bounty stickers!

I already stickered what I needed to stickerify, and AFAIK I have some reserve from previous reports. But thanks for an offer! Getting thank-you letter from another continent was really nice!


I’ll bet I know how that happened! You can set your goals with three parameters: goal rate, goal end date, and goal total. You set two of those, and the other follows logically (if you want to get to a total of 10 at a rate of 1/week, your goal will end in 10 weeks).

So if you ever set it up via goal total and goal rate – even unintentionally – then that end-date you saw would have been calculated from the combination of the other two. As your actual data approached that spurious end total, you were close to reaching that end date… and voila!

Does that sound like what you saw, now? And make some kind of sense? It happens (like Danny said) because we don’t have open-ended goals; they’re always calculated from a combination of those three factors, so sometimes that means that you end up at the implied end date of your goal, without ever intending to be!


Yes, it seems that it is what happened.

I guess that the fix would be to either actuall show that end date or in case of goals that are open ended from user side push this end date so it will not seen on graph.

(Though user can override x-max on graph!)

You should be able to see the implied end-date if you click on the option to “change end-date and end-total”, under the commitment dial – did you check there, or was something really weird going on and it wasn’t showing up even when you did that? Let’s dig into that if so (if we can; it’s a bit difficult after the fact)!

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Yes, it is there! I have not checked there earlier.