Wow texts from Beeminder now have emojis!!

So cool!!

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Look at all the emoji texts!!


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meanwhile the Beeminder iPhone app also adopted the ridiculous red text on grey background color theme previously found on the iPad version :man_facepalming:

I have a one-step plan to fix that:

If anyone is curious what the texts looked like yesterday before the change:

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Disclaimer: I own several Android devices, including the OG Nexus One and used to be an Android fan boy. Until I started to write software for it. That burned me for life :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, not gonna happen. I too vividly remember a very emotional discussion between two coworkers (both Android users bc “uuuh iPhones are so expensive”) who tried to figure out how to move pictures to the SD card because one of them ran out of space and then asked me for help and I suggested the same one-step plan but the other way around. And then told her “look, Apple doesn’t put an SD card in there for that exact reason. Also Apple knows what users have on their phones that needs space is photos and movies so they added this handy functionality that moves those into the cloud and only leaves a low-res version on your phone but you won’t notice because they move it back and forth just as you need it under the hood for you”. And that’s why I paid like 50€ more for my phone. (Also: I buy them preowned).

And then she looked at me the way people look at you when they ran out of things to say but still prefer insisting on their own opinion and asked me again how to Android.

To which I then said “and of course every Android phone runs a different flavour of Android than the next guy’s so people can’t even help each other if they wanted to”

And eventually she gave up and… yeah this totally off-topic’ed. :roll_eyes:

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Another change in the texts was made as well! Check it out:



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Nah these emojis and other shenanigans still don’t beat the induced anxie awesomeness that the iOS app’s spontaneous crashes are. “What do you mean you were tracking how much time you spent on this goal today? Not anymore you don’t!”.

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