Yalom`s Tinkerer Log


I am going to post about my Experiments. I listen to the Tim Ferriss Show, I want to try all
his hacks, and I like to do experiments to find out what works rather than trying to be successful. Today until Wednesnesday I will try a System of Marc Andreessen. He has three List and every night he notes 3-5 -todos on an Index Card. I like that a lot, because I obsessively journal everything, and I rewrite todolists almost always.

Into the Todo List goes all the stuff you “must” do – commitments, obligations, things that have to be done. A single list, possibly subcategorized by timeframe (today, this week, next week, next month).

Into the Watch List goes all the stuff going on in your life that you have to follow up on, wait for someone else to get back to you on, remind yourself of in the future, or otherwise remember.

Into the Later List goes everything else – everything you might want to do or will do when you have time or wish you could do.

I already manage List 24/7. So I will write Indexcards with Todo`s everyafternoon for the next day until Wednesday. I will post here daily.


Good Morning. To my Shame I didnt write anything on Index Cards, because I was procrastinating over my notes in Word, until I fell asleep. Writing my thoughts on the Computer makes my head spin. So I found out, that does not work for me. I would fail that Challenge. From now on I will keep the three lists on paper, I only write stuff I want to remember in my smartphone, then put it in the list, then write the todos on Index Cards. But I wont pay the 5 Dollars,since I am running Experiments so I am outcome Independent. Success is measured by Effort and Lessons learned.

I wish you a pleasant Monday,if there is such a thing




So today I formulated my todos for tomorrow, but didnt write them in the afternoon like I said I would, cause I was not finished, doing the tasks, I try again tomorrow, this time I just make them up. Imma write them down now. Writing them down on paper helped me so much, I quickly grouped similar tasks together, planned five thing out, got done. So until tomorrow.

Note to myself, two videos, that might have to do with my next Experiments:

The last two days were pretty difficult, cause I dont do well without structure and I didnt break
the todos down in managable pieces. and I had emotional resistance against writing the indexcard for the next day because of that. Nevertheless that approach works well for me.
Keeping the three list prevents me from streamlinienjournaling everything I think and I always
4 of 5 todos done. I shut down whenever I feel selfimposed pressure so thats bad

No set time
Todos vaguely defined