Integrated Beeminder with Zenobase, so there’s support for more self-tracking data sources, plus data can be filtered before it’s sent to Beeminder… Read more here.

Haven’t used Beeminder much yet, so let me know if this is useful or makes any sense at all :slight_smile:


Holy cow, thank you so much for doing this! We’re excited to promote it as soon as I can experience the awesomesauce firsthand. I’m ashamed to say I’m just now getting up to speed on Zenobase and ran into one hitch so far: I added connected my Moves account and then added the Task for updating my Beeminder goal but am not seeing where to authorize Zenobase to access my beeswax, as we say. Did you implement this with oauth or personal auth in mind?

Thanks for testing trying this out!

The problem you’re running into is that there is a (hopefully temporary) issue with getting data from Moves, so the Beeminder task never runs, and you’re never prompted to OAuthorize…

As a workaround, set a start date that’s no more than a few days back when creating the Moves task, or consider using the moves-places instead of the moves-activities.

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btw the issue with Moves appears to have resolved itself.

However, there is one caveat if you have a “do less” goal: Zenobase currently only reports numbers up to the latest datapoint to Beeminder. So if you are keeping track of every drink you have, and your goal is to drink less, you could fail if you go teetotal.

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That should be fine [1]; on the Terrifyingly Advanced settings tab, toward the bottom, there’s a toggle to turn off the automatic pessimistic datapoints. Also, if you set the datasource to be API, then the pessimistic datapoints are automatically disabled, along with the manual data entry fields.

[1] if you configure your goal accordingly!

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Good to know, thanks!

Hmm that sounds like an option that maybe shouldn’t be on the terrifyingly advanced settings, for the same reason that important papers shouldn’t be hidden behind a door with a “Beware of the Leopard” sign.

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Alternatively, could show a prompt on the goal page to switch to the “API” mode, after data was added through the API for the first time?


btw you can now have Zenobase refresh data automatically (if you signed up for a paid plan), which makes this setup a lot more useful for Beeminding…

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