Beemind data from Apple Health?


Another day with things working. Also added an IFTTT trigger to see when the datapoints are being added :slight_smile:
@dreev I just realised that you don’t offer any triggers on Zapier just actions. Triggers are only possible via IFTTT. Any plans on changing this? Zapier offer filtering so you can do stuff like “only trigger if value > 0”

Update: my IFTTT recipe isn’t working as intended because the Beeminder app first adds an entry of zero and after midnight it updates it with the day total.However, IFTTT doesn’t trigger on updates, only on additions of new rows…


@apolyton, if you’ve got a server handy, then this dancer script might be a useful starting point. You have to point the relevant goals’ webhook (under settings – data) at wherever you host it, and it’ll get pinged at every datapoint add/update/delete.