Beemind data from Apple Health?


Is there any general sync tool to extract data points from Apple Health and Beemind them? I switched to iOS recently and want to beemind my sleep like I did with Sleep as Droid, and I figured getting the data from Apple APIs would be simplest.


I looked into this - there are APIs for pulling that data out, but I’m a little wary of the language around which apps are allowed to access it. They say that the app has to be marketed exclusively as a “health” app. I’ll see if it can be incorporated into the Beeminder app once the redesign is live.


+1 for wanting to pull data out of the Apple Health app and into Beeminder. I was guessing I could do this with a bit of ifttt magic but they don’t seem to have Health integration either.

Back story: I have goals that are set up using Runkeeper, but I rarely use Runkeeper itself anymore as I’ve found the watchOS Activity app pretty decent since watchOS 3 came out. I’ve left Runkeeper’s ambient ‘pocket track’ distance tracking on but it regularly misses long walks that the Activity app knows about so the Runkeeper goals on Beeminder are only there as a kind of backup goal now. My actual goal at the moment is based on filling the activity rings on my watch but I’d like to set up a cumulative goal on Beeminder to make me go over and above the watch’s goal on a regular basis.


I would like to be able to beemind data from Apple Health as well. I also find myself mostly relying on the data from the watchOS Activity app or Moves to see my activity (I also dont use Runkeeper that much anymore).

It seems like beeminding Apple Health would be an easy way to get access to data from a whole bunch of different sources. I would be happy with using some kind of IFTTT or Zapier magic if someone can set that up and share.

#5 added this to their app, and it’s great! I’m trying to find a good way to sync from there or otherwise get bedtime from Sleep Cycle.


I have a a couple of goals that could be automated if the Beeminder app could read data from the Health app. Would be nice to see this.


This is very close now - as in I’m a couple days away from submitting to the app store. I’ll update this thread when it’s live!


This is great news!


Updating this thread! Draft of blog post announcing it, not officially published yet:


Excited to see the new version, disappointed that “Mindful Minutes” is not part of your chosen Metrics. Any chance you sneak in by Apple a quick update?
By the way, the popular Insight Timer meditation app ( logs to Apple Health as “Mindful minutes”


Thanks for letting us know - we’ve definitely heard this from multiple people and it’s coming soon! It wasn’t in the original list because of the way that data is returned from the Health app, it just requires a bit of extra massaging to be useful.


How often is the weight data updated? I added a new weight value in the morning, Apple Health data seems to be up to date, but the goal is still stuck at the initial datapoint.

PS: Also, I don’t do 100000+ steps a day. :slight_smile:


Seems like there are many duplicating data entries.


Any chance to add ‘Water’ consumption metric from Apple Health? I have a habit of tracking my water intake with Apple Health and this workflow, but I’d love to add some teeth to this habit via Beeminder.


Yes! This should be easy enough and will be in the next update.


That’s definitely a bug on both counts… I’m looking at the two goals to see if there’s anything obvious for what could be going wrong. The duplicate data is definitely happening on some other people’s goals as well, but the weight goal not updating at all is new. Have you tried opening the Beeminder app to force a sync on it?


Yes, I tried. I checked the value in Apple Health and then tried updating the Beeminder app both from the list (drag down) and on the page of the goal (refresh button). Neither had any effect.


I would really love adding Water tracking as well. I have been looking at this “smart” water bottle and it looks like it automatically syncs with Apple Health. Would love to be able to beemind this.

EDIT: Actually looks like this was added. Thank you!


I setup “Mindful minutes” with a goal of mine and it seems to work for the first day. Then nothing, just zeros.


Yesterday’s number came through (for support : It might be because i turned off/on the permission toggle in Health for Beeminder to have access to data.
I’ll see if it continues to work without me doing anything :slight_smile: