check mark upgrades


If you’ve Beeminded data for a goal on a given day, there’s a checkmark next to it on your dash/on the android widget. This is a good reminder. It could be better.

In particular: I would like a quick indicator as to not just whether I’ve done my goal action today, but whether I’ve done enough of it. My pullup goal asks me to do ~30 per day. My personal record straight set is 21. :slight_smile: This means that I do multiple sets, and generally I spread them across the day when I feel like it. I would like, glancing at my phone, to get a prompt reminder “yes you did pullups this morning and logged them, but you should crank out another set.”

Basic level of the request: three glyphs.

  1. nothing beeminded today.
  2. something beeminded, but not “enough”.
  3. You hit your quota.

I honestly don’t care what these are, anything would do.

Super awesome pony request: make glyph 2 variable in some sort of scaling way. Suggestion: check mark fading between light and dark? Or possibly color?


I like this. I am making some changes to the Beeminder Android widgets,
and something like this seems pretty good to me. It only works for some
goal types, I think.

I am not sure about the implementation details. What do you think of
something simple for the first version? A checkmark would mean data
entered, and a thumbs up means you entered data and it’s equal or exceeds
the daily rate?


Thumbs up seems totally fine! I don’t have strong opinions about the exact glyphs so long as their distinct and cover some reasonable idea.


Oh I like this too, it would be helpful for some of my goals as well (and I actually might reformat one of them to work better, with that kind of indicator). Any chance of getting the same indicator on the website dashboard too?