Making a goal integery


Here are instructions for how to integery-ize your goals manually.

  1. Go to

  2. Select PUT from the dropdown.

  3. For the url, enter:

Replace USERNAME in the above string with your username, GOALNAME with the goal you want to integery-ize, and YOURAUTHTOKEN with your authorization token found on the API tab here:

  1. Click Add Parameter. Enter ‘integery’ for the name and ‘true’ for the value.
    (contrarily, you can enter false to undo this)

  2. Click the checkbox, then click Launch Request and refresh your goal. Enjoy!
    Note: it may take up to 30 seconds to see your goal changed

Please let me know you have any problems.

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Ah sorry you fell into this trap. My auto integery setup did break and I should have updated the thread. I never figured out what the problem was, but I don’t make new goals anymore either so I probably never will.


Newly updated instructions, bumping. Thanks @ssteiner!