Making a goal integery (command line edition)

Making a goal integery has been addressed a number of ways:

I’ve even had good luck emailing (they are super nice), but I always feel silly for such a small change especially when I am creating a bunch of new goals. As I understand it you can also do this with through the web UI if you are on the Bee Plus plan with custom goals (based on the other discussions ands methods posted, I hope this method is kosher to share).

Without further ado here is a way to achieve integery goodness from the comfort and safety of your command line:

curl -X PUT -d integery=true

USER = your username
GOAL = goal slug

This seems to have done the trick for me on both “Do More” and “Do Less” goals without any adverse side effects.

Disclaimer: This is undoucmented, likely unsupported, and may change at anytime, perhaps try it on a test goal first