My Garmin Integration no longer fetches data



I’ve created a goal that fetches the number of steps walked per day using Garmin Connect. For the last 10 days, it is consistently fetching 0 steps. The Garmin website shows the correct number and when I click “Fetch” in Beeminder it looks like its fetching and it’s all green and everything. And yet, 6000 steps in Garmin but 0 in Beeminder.
This is about to cause a derail :frowning:

What can I do to fix this?


First time using the forums. Hope I’m doing it right?


Hopefully someone who uses this integration will chime in with ideas, but in the meantime, I’d suggest emailing to make sure your emergency day is addressed as quickly as possible. Welcome to the forums!


Hey y’all, we’re having trouble with the garmin integration that’s been in a holding pattern waiting on a response from Garmin. One came through today so hopefully I’ll make some headway on this today or tomorrow (I am travelling today…)
In the meantime please email support if you’ve derailed because of it!



I got the Garmin data today! Yay!
Thank you!!!