A 🥁 fun beeminder goal done

With years I accumulated a lot of music on my hard disk. I was never sure about what to do with it: there were definitely some things I wanted to keep and listen again, there were songs that I liked 20 years ago, as well as new tracks I never had time to listen.

About a year ago I decided to dive into it and to go through my entire music library, deciding quickly whether to keep something or to delete it. I made a smart playlist, with rules like “Plays is 0” and “Rating is not one star”. Every day I listened a bunch of songs, those I didn’t like were marked with one star and automatically went from this playlist to “To Delete” one. And in the evening I manually added the new number of unlistened songs to Beeminder.

Today I finished! Though I deleted not as many songs as I expected (about 25%), I am really happy about this result. Maybe some day I’ll go through through the stuff I kept again, to reduce it even more.

Thank you so much Beeminder guys! That was really fun.


Thanks so much! I absolutely love using Beeminder for little projects like this!

I would never ever be able to do any project like this in moderation without Beeminder–either I would go bonkers on it for 4 days straight and abandon everything else, or else I would do it slow-and-steady, and then get 25% through, and quit–and then next time I’d be stuck with a partial-cleaning-in-progress.


This is such a great idea for sorting through music that I might just steal it for my own collection. (After I sort through all of my photos, anyway.)

I also love Beeminder for projects like this. I’ve used it to go through old journals and to cull my Evernote notes. (Also, +1 to everything Adam said.)


:heart: I adore this and have been doing similar things more and more lately! Especially getting through backlogs of clutter or paper or issues in our bug-tracker, but also things like just gradually reading fiction and non-fiction books I want to read. (Also buying jellybeans in bulk and rationing them to last for months by tracking how much the bowl weighs on a kitchen scale.)

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