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Clarissa's Yet Another Beeminder Journal


So it’s time for my own Beeminder journal post. I’d been dragging my heels on this because I wanted to write a full overview of all my goals but, since there never seems to be time enough for that, I’ll instead just jump into what I’m changing and why.

This is my survivor goal and I decided to be a little bold and turn it up to writing one & a half songs a month rather than just one. Still not good at writing music but February was less bad than January


This is a new one meant to get me back into watching Gregory Sadler’s series on The Phenomenology of Spirit. I got about 80 videos in last year before losing my momentum and I want to march through it at about a video a day (6/week).


I’ve been hired to create some beginner’s classes on how to program an Arduino board and getting started with small electronics projects for our local library system. This is a small goal of just two hours a week to make sure that I start now rather than getting busy and “I’ll write it soon”.


I walk a lot. It’s one of my main sources of exercise. I figure I should actually track how long my walks are. I’m setting my threshold at 8k a day even though my real goal is more like 11k. This goal got off to a rough start because oh my god our weather has been bad.


Similar to my step counting goal, I’m going to try and keep track of servings of fruits and vegetables since I think I’m eating well but I want to…wait for it…put my money where my mouth is


Well it’s that time of week again and I’m supposed to post my update. It’s an easy one because I’m still recovering from a flu I caught last week so very little has changed.

A bit of a success story, though, is that because I’ve had some goals that were keeping me working slow and steady, namely the /profdev goal, I’m not actually impossibly behind for the professional development classes I’m giving this Saturday.



I’m killing some goals this week

My intermittent fasting goal needs to go because I’ve been losing weight a little too fast just from changes in exercise and diet that I shouldn’t also be adding other rules on top of it. Besides, I already eat in like a 8-10 hour window most of the time anyway I just need to also not go to bed hungry quite so often.

I also decided to kill my goal for keeping track of all my finances in hledger. It was good for making me confront some money anxieties around knowing exactly where the cash goes but at this point the ledger itself is its own source of obsessions. We’re frugal people. We’re saving for a house. We’re debt free. I don’t need to make myself obsess any further about min-maxing our spending.