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A victory achieved through Beeminder

I just want to come here to brag about an accomplishment that I know I would not have done without Beeminder. For the first time in my adult life (maybe even my childhood) I left the dentist’s office, not in tears. No new cavities, no lecture about how I should be doing more, nothing negative. Just “everything looks good, see you in six months.”

I have a lot of anxiety, shame, and sensory issues around all things dental-related. I also have a history of clinical depression and as soon as a depressive episode hits me, any form of taking care of myself goes out the window. Add in ADHD that makes any daily habits hard, and this means that m teeth have been a mess for my whole life.

I have started and failed multiple dental-based Beeminder goals over the years, but I finally got it to stick. There are other factors as well of course around getting in therapy and getting medications dialed in so that I could be in the headspace to use the tools I have. But, Beeminder is one of those tools. It has really come in clutch for getting me to just get up out of bed and go floss, brush, and use that damn fluoride rinse so that I don’t derail. And every “ugh, I guess I have to go do this,” has paid off.


I hear you! :blue_heart: I have very similar issues and it’s exciting to hear about someone else who has been on the same journey with it. Good work!


Ah, this feels amazing to hear! Thank you! :heart: :tooth: :toolbox:


That’s super cool! Thank you for sharing


I know how you feel. Great job!