Abs Lane Width not Akrasia Proof

I’ve noticed the Abs Lane Width setting in the Custom Goal options isn’t Akrasia proof, leading to a possible escape route when on the verge of derailing. Now any serious people should have the self control to avoid that, but we all give in at some point! Would be nice to have the 7 day Akrasia Horizon apply to this setting as well.


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It’s true, there are a bunch of settings that could theoretically let you circumvent a derailment. (ssh!)

The opposite argument is that I’d hate to wait a week to see whether I’ve specified an appropriate width, which admittedly is an argument that fades as the goal matures.

I think, like the absolute lane widths, that these settings are (mostly?) only available to premium plan people. And in this case, one that you specifically exposed by making the goal ‘custom’. And of course, premium plan people are smarter and better looking than average, so wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of this loophole.

If you do find yourself actually tempted to heinously manipulate your goal using this setting, rather than just the theoretical possibility of cheating, then let us know. That’ll help prioritise this feature.