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Add an integration retroactively?


I set up a reading goal to track my hours. Originally I was going to enter them manually, but now I’d like to use Toggl to track for me. Is there a way to add an integration after the fact, or is that just not possible?

The goal is over a week old, so I can’t delete it, only archive. Thanks for any help.


Pretty sure that is not possible, at least not for the user. I would just start a new goal with the integration and archive the old goal.


I was hoping it was possible, but oh well. Thanks! :+1:


It might be possible beehind the scenes. Email and ask the nice people there if they can do something.

If it’s an unofficial integration, then you might be able to just aim the new datapoints at the existing goal.

You can also email with historical data, putting username/goalname in the subject, and the body with your datapoints in a format like 2018 12 01 1 "optional comment"

I just started using the official Clozemaster integration, and I confess to having started a new goal for that, rather than trying to preserve the history.

UPDATE: I exported the data from the old goal, reformatted it using Excel/Numbers and emailed the result to the bot with the new goal as the subject and the datapoints in the body. Used a formula something like CONCATENATE(YEAR(A1)," ",MONTH(A1)," ",DAY(A1)," ",B1)


We can definitely do it for you behind the scenes. The only caveat is that we need you to set up a new temporary goal with the integration you want, so we can copy across the settings.

So if you want to do that, just create a new goal with the autodata settings you want (you can have it flat forever; the graph’s settings don’t matter), and then email with the links to both graphs, saying you want the autodata method from graph #1 copied over to graph #2, and then graph #1 deleted.

I’ve never done this and just learned how, so if anyone wants to be my guinea pig… :smiley:


This is clever and simple. I need to remember that if I ever need to change a goal. :slight_smile: