Toggl goal and past data

A few weeks ago, I created a Beeminder goal with Toggl integration. As usual, when I created the goal, the initial datapoint was 0.

However, a couple days later, I noticed my graph looked weird and investigated. I realized that the integration, pulling Toggl data from the past 7 days, had pulled data from prior to me starting the Beeminder goal. This meant that the initial datapoint had moved up.

Is this intended/expected behavior? If so, how does one normally deal with it?

I’m fine with it for this goal but asking because I intend to create another Toggl goal soon.

One way I thought of to deal with it is to create a goal for a project (or whatever) that doesn’t have any history, but I don’t believe there’s any way to pull that up when creating the Beeminder goal.

I suppose one could just ratchet as soon as Beeminder pulls in the older data. That requires some paying attention, but should be doable.

One could also delete the old datapoints after they come in—but messing with datapoints on an autodata goal is scary! :face_with_peeking_eye:


I usually just manually ratchet the goal down (“Ratchet” section in the “Commitment” tab) if I’m not ok with the extra additional buffer. Does seem like surprising behavior given how other integrations work I think? Like my mental model says integrations usually try to start the graph from where your existing data is at time of goal creation.


That’s what I expected it to do! Certainly with my Storygraph goal, that’s the case—but that’s an odometer goal so I suppose it does work differently.

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