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Admired Services/Startups to Emulate (ASEs)

Sometimes we have to make a UI or design choice [1] or a business choice and it’s handy to check what other companies do. Precedent, conventions, etc. And for that it’s nice to have a list of websites/companies to refer to and for which we can be pretty confident, like “if so-and-so decided to do XYZ then they surely knew what they were doing and we should do it too”.

So next time this comes up I figure I can dig up this thread and find the following handy list:


(And to varying degrees our integration partners, conveniently listed on our front-page gallery.)

[1] Most recently it was the question of whether we should send the user another confirmation email and make them click another confirmation link if they change their email address. (We already send a confirmation to the old email address in case of bad guys.)

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