Death of FogBugz

The title is intentionally provocative. FogBugz isn’t dying, but it’s dying to me since they are finally trying to force me to pay them money. I have used FogBugz for many, many (almost 15) years to track todos, and I have always used it for free since you could have a free account if you only wanted one or two users. But as of today I got an email saying that I have one month left, and after that I would have to upgrade to a paid plan — $30/month for the cheapest plan which is definitely more than I can/am willing to pay.

These days I don’t actually use FogBugz nearly as much as I used to, since I have migrated most of my to-do tracking to Roam Research. However, the killer feature, the reason I still use it at all, is that there is a secret email address where I can forward things and have them automatically turn into tickets. I haven’t found anything like that for Roam Research (or rather, there is something like that but it also charges a monthly fee).

Anyone know of any good todo-tracking apps/sites, preferably with a free or very low-cost tier, to which I can forward emails and have them automatically turn into tickets/todos? Or any other ideas?

Todoist can make tasks from emails to a secret email address, has a free plan, and it integrates with Beeminder.

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todoist looks perfect, thanks!

I used to email todos into Things. I don’t know how much they charge these days, though.

Amazing Marvin allows emailing to create tasks but it’s probably out of your price range ($12 per month or $8 per month if you pay yearly). Extremely customisable though. Amazing Marvin - Customizable Task Manager and Daily Planner | Feature List

I do love Amazing Marvin, and it’s my task manager of choice :slight_smile: