Akr.asia: extra integrations + a framework for creating integrations

+1, KhanAcademy would be wonderful! I would also be ready to contribute, if it lies within the realm of my abilities :slight_smile:


LeetCode integration isn’t updating in Beeminder. I’m just seeing my initial datapoint that Beeminder starts new goals with. I added some debug logging to the glitch and it looks like it’s reading the data correctly from LeetCode, so it’s not a username/privacy issue.


I’m afraid I’m having similar issues. I haven’t been getting updates from LeetCode, CodeWars, or even post counts from the Beeminder forum.

I did some digging, and it looks like the specific integrations were hosted on Glitch (example). The code is there, but they all just display cannot GET / when trying to start them up.

I’m guessing wherever these fetches are being sent isn’t being hosted anymore? It doesn’t seem like the code for whatever magic happens during the processing of these JSON files isn’t publicly available either.

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It could be that something is gone, but it could just be that Glitch has flaked out, yet again.

It pains me to say but Glitch has been so flaky for me over the last few months that I am no longer interested in using them.


They do seem to have been living up to their name in recent months! Although after a minor debacle last month with custom domain names, they’ve felt reliable again. I still use Glitch every day and am certainly rooting for them. Though I confess that Repl.it is feeling more like The Future now (ironically, Repl.it is actually older than Glitch).

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